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Our team has published widely on topics related to substance use and opioid use disorder in pregnancy. Below are some of the publications on these topics:

Support Models for Addiction Related Treatment (SMART) for pregnant women: Study protocol of a cluster randomized trial of two treatment models for opioid use disorder in prenatal clinics

Joy S Kaufman, PhD Kimberly A Yonkers, MD Carolyn Maltz, BA Amalia Londoño Tobon, MD Carolyn M Friedhoff, MBE Amanda Mele, BA Madeleine E Tessier-Kay, BA Olga Grechukhina, MD Heather Lipkind, MD Nancy Byatt, DO Ariadna Forray, MD. Reporting perinatal substance use to child protective services: Obstetric provider perspectives on the impact on care. Journal of Womens Health. March 2024.

Doernberg M, Gilstad-Hayden K, Yonkers KA, Forray A. Provider-patient relationships and trauma among pregnant patients with opioid-use disorder. Am J Addict. 2024 Apr 29. doi: 10.1111/ajad.13570. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38685767.

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