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PANS Female Smokers Ages 18-45: Receive Transdermal Nicotine Patches, Counseling, and Possibly Receive the Natural Hormone Progesterone

Learn About the Study

Who is this for?

Any woman ages 18-45 smoking at least 5 cigarettes daily for the past year.

What does it offer?

Participants can earn up to $305 in cash! Meet briefly with our clinical staff each week to receive transdermal nicotine patches, confidential counseling, and possibly (pending randomization to medication or placebo) the naturally occurring hormone (Progesterone) for 8 weeks to help you quit nicotine cigarette use. We are investigating if Progesterone will improve the effectiveness of treatments for smoking cessation in women. You may have the opportunity to try this hormone.

If eligible, you will also receive at no cost:

  • Smoking Cessation Counseling
  • Transdermal Nicotine Patches

Why does this matter?

This program may help you quit smoking! Cravings for nicotine cigarettes may be strong, and we are here to support you. Not only will this research benefit others who have struggled with tobacco use, it also allows you to participate in a paid study that provides free nicotine patches, counseling and possibly Progesterone to help fight tobacco use. Let us work together to help keep you tobacco free!

HIC #1504015618