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Recent Pharmacology Theses

Poster session at the annual Department of Pharmacology retreat.

Here is a list of students who have recently defended their Ph.D. Thesis in Pharmacology, along with a brief description of their thesis work.

3/14/24 Jianan Zhang - “Structural and Biophysical Regulation of the Receptor Tyrosine Kinases dROS1 and ErbB3”

03/10/2023 Joel Sexton - Disentangling Sequence Constraints on the Coflin N-terminal Phosphorylation Site

Mar 2023 Iris van Alderwerelt van Rosenburgh - Kinase Dynamics Underlie Mechanisms of Sensitivity and Resistance of EGFR with LUAD Mutations to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Feb 2023 Zechen Wang (Anderson Lab) - Tackling FGFR Fusion-Positive Cancers with a Novel Synergistic Combination of FGFR and HDAC Inhibitors

Mar 2022 Chun Hu - Understanding distinct roles of EGFR family mutations in different cancers

Feb 2022 Michael Bond - Towards Tumor-Cell Specific Proteolysis Targeting Chimeras: Identification of first-in-class degraders of oncogenic KRASG12C, DcpS, and MAGE-A3

Jan 2022 Joshua Sheetz - The Dead Receptor Paradox: Insights into Receptor Tyrosine Kinases with Intracellular Pseudokinase Domains

Jan 2022 Joseph Fowler - Inflammatory stress disrupts endothelial cell cholesterol homeostasis and increases SREBP2-dependent gene expression to amplify the acute inflammatory response

Aug 2021 Courtney Smith - Regulation of TIM-3 by Phosphatidylserine

Jul 2021 Brian Shi - Proteome-wide screening for mitogen-activated protein kinase docking motifs and interactors

03/02/2021 Eunice Cho - PPP6C Regulation of ERK Signaling in Melanoma

02/15/2021 Ban Edani - Structural Elucidation of the cis-prenyltransferase NgBR/DHDDS Complex Reveals Novel Insights in Regulation of Protein Glycosylation

12/14/2020 Shanique Alabi - Mutant-selective Degradation by BRAF-targeting PROTACs

11/20/2020 Valerie Su - Serine Phosphorylation of ICAP1 Inhibits its Nuclear Accumulation

11/04/2020 Vincent Duong - Evaluation of NRTI-mediated toxicity through the human mitochondrial polymerase PrimPol

08/04/2020 Victor Ruiz - Computer-Aided Discovery of New Inhibitors of C. hominis Thymidylate Synthase-Dihydrofolate Reductase

01/15/2020 Keith Weise - Regulation of activity and localization of the budding yeast kinases Kin1 and Kin2

01/10/2020 Eric Rosenberg - Perturbing the activities of chemokine receptors CXCR4 and CXCR5

11/25/2019 Yasmin Kadry - Biochemical and functional characterization of kindlin interactions

09/23/2019 Ashley Sizer - O-GlcNAc transferase-dependent regulation of serum response factor and vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype

03/01/2019 Zachary Gannam - Exploring the allosteric inhibition of a MAPK phosphatase linked to Duchenne muscular dystrophy

01/24/19 William Gray - Nucleoid Size Scaling and Intracellular Organization of Translation Across Bacteria.

01/14/19 Lee Ying - Epigentic Approaches to Understanding Adipogenesis, and Translational Approaches to Treating Obesity.

10/05/18 Molly Ryan - Understanding the Consequences of Oncogenic FGFR Mutations on Drug Resistance, Signaling, and Tumorigenesis

09/27/18 Daniel Iwamoto - Structural basis of the filamin A actin-binding domain interaction with F-actin

09/12/18 Lie Ma - Elucidation of the Activated State of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor

09/10/18 David E. Puleo -Targeting the Mutant JAK2 V617F Tyrosine Kinase by Small Molecules that Bind to its Pseudokinase Domain

03/01/18 Tomoaki Sasaki - Characterization of APOBEC3 Family Proteins as Potent DNA Mutators in Human Cancers

02/12/18 Elizabeth Mo - Augmentors are in vivo ligands to the ALK family of receptor tyrosine kinases: function and evolution

09/26/17 Chad Miller - Comprehensive Profiling of a Kinase Family Defines Features Essential for Selective Substrate Targeting

11/30/2016 Amelia Luciano - The Role of Akt1 & Clock S845 phosphorylation in Circadian Regulated Transcriptional Rhythms

09/23/2016 Allison Goldberg - An Exosite Required for Efficient Targeting of MAP Kinase Kinases by the Metalloproteinase Antrax Lethal Factor

08/12/2016 Yagmur Muftuoglu - Mechanisms of substrate specificity and insights into activation of phosphatidylionositol phosphate kinases

06/02/2016 Andrea Mislak - Insights into the Activity, Resistance, and Toxicity of Antivirals Targeting HIV Reverse Transcriptase

02/23/16 Phillip Murray - Discovery and Characterization of Ligands for the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase ALK: AUG-alpha, AUG-beta and Heparin

12/10/15 Yifei Yang - Molecular basis for Polycystin- 2 channel regulation and assembly its C-terminal tail

12/08/15 Jacqueline Heiss - Prion Protein Regulates Amyloid- Beta Dendritic Spine Pathology in a Mouse model if Alzheimer's Disease

10/15/15 Celeste Greer - Histone Deacetylases Positively Regulate Transcriptional Elongation

2/24/15 Oriana Fisher - Structural studies of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations 2 (CCM2) reveal the basis for its interactions with protein binding