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Goals for the Pharmacology Department

Short-term goals:

  • The committee will assess the racial and gender distribution of past invited seminar speakers and actively work to invite experts from underrepresented backgrounds.
    • Representation of women and those from underrepresented backgrounds has increased in the 2021/22 seminar series.
  • Extend internal travel funds to help cover travel and attendance costs for conferences upfront.
  • Soliciting feedback from trainees on faculty candidates.
  • Establish a diverse Postdoc community through more inclusive hiring practices.
  • The Department of Pharmacology realizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion must be continually promoted, practiced, and assessed. We will conduct yearly assessments of our progress towards our DEI goals.
    • Yearly department-wide surveys, including exit surveys
    • Promote DEI discussions at town halls and retreats

Long-term goals:

Photo by Terry Dagradi

  • We are committed to creating a more equitable environment for our historically disadvantaged and underrepresented faculty and trainees. In order to accomplish this, we will provide programs and workshops to help foster the career and development of members of these groups within our department.
  • To foster an environment of inclusivity, the Pharmacology Department will host formal and informal workshops to train faculty and trainees on best practices in mentorship and advancement of URM trainees.
  • The Department of Pharmacology will host yearly workshops on diversity and bias training for faculty, trainees, and staff.
  • We intend to create more transparency in the recruitment of faculty to the department by ensuring that search committees have a strong representation of women and other URM faculty members.
  • The Department of Pharmacology will advocate for mechanisms of support for faculty, trainees, and staff that are parents to small children.
  • Reaching out to our community (local and beyond) is important in improving the diversity of science and scientists. The Department of Pharmacology is actively working to improve its outreach efforts by hosting science fairs and workshops.