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Yale Medical Student Neurosurgery Clerkship Selective

Program Director: Michael DiLuna, MD
Associate Program Director: Joseph King, Jr., MD, MSCE

Offered to any 3rd year medical student interested in becoming a neurosurgeon or just experiencing neurosurgery, the Neurosurgery selective of the Surgical Approach to the Patient Surgery Clerkship Component provides comprehensive insight into the clinical neurosciences and forms the basis for a strong foundation of knowledge of neurological diseases and how they are managed both surgically and non-surgically. Some examples of surgeries encountered on our service include: aneurysm surgery with craniotomy or endovascular coiling or stenting, carotid endarterectomy, pediatric skull and spine reconstruction and repairs, brain tumor surgery, including awake craniotomy, epilepsy surgery, transnasal surgery, deep brain stimulation, and spine surgery, including minimally invasive and deformity correction surgery, and peripheral nerve surgery.

Students spend a total of 3 weeks on service and become immersed in our day-to-day schedules, working closely with our cohesive group of mid–level providers, residents and attendings in the inpatient, outpatient and operating room settings. Students are encouraged to participate in the evaluation and management of our patients, make rounds with our teams, attend clinics, observe ICU procedures and surgeries, and attend academic conferences. Basic surgical skills such as knot tying and suturing are taught. Though a surgical specialty, clerkship hours are similar to other Medical Student Clerkships and never exceed 80 hours/week with a maximum of 16 hour-shifts, as required by the Yale School of Medicine.

We encourage students to take on as much involvement with our patients as both feel comfortable with and our faculty and staff welcome questions and are dedicated to teaching.

Coordination is arranged through the Yale Department of Surgery. Any Yale medical students interested in the Neurosurgery Clerkship Selective should contact:

Danette Morrison
Surgical Approach to the Patient Clerkship Coordinator
Yale Department of Surgery
Office: 203- 785-7377
C: 203-915-7167

For more specific information on or assistance with the Yale Neurosurgery Clerkship Selective, please review our Current Clerkship Handbook and contact the Associate Program Director: Joseph King, Jr., MD, MSCE

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