Current Residents




  • Jacky Yeung

    Resident Neurosurgery

    MD, Michigan State University College of Human Medicin, 2013; BSc (Hon), University of British Columbia, 2008

    Dr. Jacky Yeung started residency in neurosurgery in 2013 after completing undergraduate studies at University of British Columbia in Honors Physiology and his MD degree at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and is elected to the AANS Young Neurosurgeons Committee in 2016. He has special interests in cranial and spinal neoplasms with emphasis on mechanisms of tumor-escape from immunosurveillance. He also has interests in developing novel imaging to help differentiate radiation necrosis from tumor recurrence for intracranial metastases after radio-surgery.

    Dr. Yeung obtained in-depth experience in glioma immunology as a Doris Duke research fellow. He identified the presence of specific antigens in childhood and adult ependymomas, which led to a NIH-funded clinical trial utilizing a peptide vaccine (#NCT01795313). He focused on mechanisms of immune escape in adult gliomas, specifically the relationship between LOH of HLA Class I and decreased survival in GBM patients. During junior residency years, his research focus was on studying advanced MR imaging characteristics of delayed radiation effects from radiosurgery in brain metastases. During his research years (2016-2018), he will focus on identifying novel immune check-point molecules under the mentorship of Lieping Chen, MD, PhD and their specific applications to brain tumors.




  • Joseph Antonios

    Hospital Resident

    MD/PhD, University of California, Los Angeles; BS (Hon), University of California, Los Angeles

    Joseph is currently a neurosurgical resident at Yale New Haven Hospital. He completed his graduate and medical training through the UCLA-Caltech Medical Scientist Training Program. Over the course of his thesis studies, Joseph successfully published in PNAS, Neuro-Oncology, and Journal of Clinical Investigation, describing the role of adaptive immune resistance in the GBM tumor microenvironment and developing immunotherapeutic strategies for GBM treatment. Most recently, he was the recipient of the Journal of Neuro-Oncology Award at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons for his studies on vaccine therapy. Joseph is currently focused on bringing these therapeutic interventions to the clinic, to directly impact GBM patient treatment.