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10X Genomics Single Cell RNA-Seq

VDJ Recombination

Advances in single cell RNA quantification techniques have enabled comprehensive study of cell subpopulations within a heterogeneous population. The GemCode™ Technology from 10X Genomics, which combines microfluidics with molecular barcoding and custom bioinformatics software enable analyzing the transcriptomes of thousands of cells at single cell resolution.

The Chromium™ Single Cell RNA sequencing Solution

Single cells, reagents and a single Gel Bead containing barcoded oligonucleotides are encapsulated into nanoliter-sized GEMs (Gel Bead in emulsion) using the GemCode Technology. Lysis and barcoded reverse transcription of polyadenylated mRNA from single cells are performed inside each GEM. High-quality next generation sequencing libraries are finished in single bulk reaction. Finally, the Chromium™ Software Suite is utilized for processing, analysis and visualization of single cell gene expression data.

Key advantages of the Chromium Single cell RNA-Seq

  • High-throughput single cell transcriptomic measurements enable discovery of gene expression dynamics for profiling individual cell types
  • Complete practical solution for single cell analysis Identify rare cell types in heterogeneous populations
  • More efficient than leading academic droplet systems
  • Encapsulate up to 80,000 cells in less than 10 minutes
  • Wide dynamic range

The Chromium Single cell Immune Profiling Solution

  • A comprehensive approach to simultaneously examine the cellular context of the adaptive immune response and the immune repertoires of hundreds to millions of T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis.
  • From translational immunology and immuno-oncology, to infectious disease research—these technological advancements, along with our intuitive software analysis and visualization tools, will accelerate the understanding of the adaptive immune system.

More information about the sample preparation can be found here and here