Francis Perry Wilson, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Interim Director, Program of Applied Translational Research

Research Interests

Nephrology; Activin Receptors, Type II; Healthcare Disparities; Sarcopenia; Acute Kidney Injury

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: Nephrology: Program for Applied Translational Research (PATR)

Research Summary

Dr. Wilson's research focuses on the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury. He has a particular interest in the development and application of personalized medicine techniques to target the proper therapy to the proper patient. He pursues interventional studies to try to help patients live longer, happier lives.

Specialized Terms: Randomized Trials; Acute Kidney Injury; Disparities; Outcomes; CKD progression; Machine-Learning; Personalized Medicine; Uplift modeling.

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Wilson uses epidemiologic and translational research methods to characterize predictors of outcomes in patients with both chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury. In addition, he uses advanced machine-learning techniques to identify which patients are most likely to respond to a given intervention. These models can reduce the number of individuals exposed to a drug or intervention unnecessarily, reducing adverse events, and lowering costs.

Dr. Wilson was the recipient of a Ruth L Kirschstein national service award (F32) as well as a career development award (K23) from the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), as well as multiple other grants.

Current Research Projects:

Efficacy of Automated, Electronic Alerts for Acute Kidney Injury

Identifying subgroups of biomarkers to predict development of Acute Kidney Injury

Modeling patient response to a drug to predict future patient's responses.

Effect of a Strength-Training Intervention on Muscle mass and Function in Chronic Kidney Disease

Health Disparities in Access to Dialysis for Acute Kidney Injury

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Francis Perry Wilson, MD, MS