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Research Centers & Programs

Center for Outcomes Research & Evaluation (CORE)

Started 1995 and directed by Harlan Krumholz, MD, Harold H. Hines, Jr. Professor of Medicine, CORE has been a pioneer in the field of outcomes research and health care policy. The 56 investigators and staff members of the Center are engaged in a broad spectrum of activities from analysis of Medicare data sets to clinical trials and clinical database management. CORE also is the home to NHLBI-funded Center for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research.

Yale Cardiovascular Research Center (YCVRC)

Founded in 2010, YCVRC houses the Section’s basic cardiovascular research program. The Center’s 14 primary investigators and 81 students and post-doctoral trainees conduct research in vascular, developmental and myocardial biology as well as genetics, stem cells and metabolism. The Center has extensive research facilities including state of the art zebrafish facility, confocal microscopy core facilities, and mouse physiology and surgery core laboratories. YCVRC houses NHLBI-supported PPG focused an arteriogenesis and Foundation Leducq-sponsored Trans-Atlantic Research program on arteriogenesis and metabolism. Postdoctoral training in the Center is supported by an NHLBI-funded T32 program in vascular biology.

Yale Translational Imaging Research Center (YTRIC)

Founded in 2010 and directed by Albert Sinusas, MD, Professor of Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology, Y-TRIC was established to facilitate translational animal research. The facility centralizes small and large animal housing and surgery with state-of-the-art imaging resources. The core resources include; an integrated surgical and fluoroscopy suite, radiochemistry laboratory, a unique hybrid SPECT/64-slice CT scanner, a microSPECT/CT imaging suite, in vitro and in vivo microCT scanners, 3D ultrasound imaging systems, a state-of-the-art mouse echo core laboratory, and 3D graphics workstations. The center focuses on imaging probe and technology development and multimodality anatomic, physiological, and molecular imaging, and image registration and quantification. The training in the Center is supported by an NHLBI-funded T32 program in multimodality molecular and translational cardiovascular imaging. Y-TRIC staff also facilitate multimodality animal imaging at the Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) and Yale PET Center.

Yale Cardiovascular Clinical Research (YCRG)

The Yale Cardiovascular Research Group (YCRG) is a leader in cardiovascular clinical research with a goal of advancing cardiovascular medical technology and clinical practice. Founded by Alexandra J. Lansky MD, YCRG provides clinical study leadership, core lab analysis, committee management, publications, and academic initiatives. The investigators and staff at YCRG are involved in clinical research at Yale and in national and international clinical trials.

Chagas Disease Alliance at Yale (CDAY)

CDAY is a network of allied researchers, healthcare providers, and public health professionals working to advance basic and translational Chagas disease research, strengthen screening and diagnosis of Chagas disease, and provide comprehensive clinical care to patients with a positive Chagas disease diagnosis.

Cardiovascular Medicine Analytics Program

The Cardiovascular Medicine Analytics Program is established to better provide analytics support to the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine and to establish a world class analytics group that is focused on the specific needs unique to the cardiovascular space.