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Yale Cardiovascular Research Center (YCVRC)

The Yale Cardiovascular Research Center (YCVRC) houses investigators (undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral trainees and faculty members) interested in basic and translational research. Major research themes include developmental and cell biology, signaling, genetics, cardiomyocyte biology and stems cells. The Center has its own zebrafish facility as well as an extensive array of core facilities.

The Center core laboratories include:

  • Confocal microscopy:point scanning (Leica) and spinning disk (Perkin Elmer) microscopes equipped for fixed and live cell imaging
  • Mouse Genotyping and Cell Isolation Core
  • Primary cell isolation and mouse genotyping (Arteriogenesis PPG core)
  • Mouse physiology: in vivo and ex vivo studies of cardiac function, Langerhans hearts, blood pressure and ECG monitoring
  • Microsurgery core: mouse and rat surgery
  • Micro-CT core: in vitro and in vivo micro-CT imaging
  • Mouse breeding core: management of mouse colonies
  • Surgical and imaging core: large animal surgery and imaging (Arteriogenesis PPG core)
  • Zebrafish facility: includes zebrafish housing as well facilities for live fish imaging and microinjections

In addition, YCVRC investigators have full access to the Yale Translational Imaging Center (Y-TRIC) facilities.