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Advanced Endovascular Interventions Fellowship

This one-year fellowship is designed to provide expertise in peripheral vascular interventions and medical therapy. As a fellow, you will be involved in all aspects of peripheral vascular disease care, including intensive procedural exposure, outpatient evaluation, inpatient management, and non-invasive imaging. You will receive didactic teaching from Yale’s vascular surgeons, radiologists, and cardiologists.

You will have the opportunity to conduct research alongside a faculty mentor through the Vascular Medicine OutcomeS (VAMOS) Lab.

At the end of the fellowship, you may be eligible for RPVI certification.

How do I apply?

If you're interested in the Advanced Endovascular Interventions Fellowship, please submit an application.

Please be sure to upload all required documents to the online application and have your letters of recommendation sent to the fellowship coordinator,

Application Requirements

To be considered for the program, you must first complete a three-year cardiology fellowship.

The fellowship program includes four trainees for the twelve-month training program.

Fellowship Leadership