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Yale Translational Research Imaging Center

Yale Translational Research Imaging Center (Y-TRIC) was founded in 2010 to facilitate translational animal research. The facility centralizes small and large animal housing and surgery with state-of-the-art imaging resources.

The Yale Translational Research Imaging Center provides:

  • A centralized state-of-the-art resource for large and small animal image-based experimental research with "turnkey" operation
  • A centralized location that facilitates the utilization of imaging centers (i.e. MR, PET) for translational research by minimizing transfer distances between surgical/fluoroscopy resources and other imaging centers.
  • Study design guidance along with vast image-based translational research knowledge and expertise.
  • Assistance to investigators to hasten regulatory compliance issues.
  • Assistance, as needed, for surgical interventions, anesthesia monitoring, and long-term monitoring of animals to improve animal welfare.
  • Cost-effective means for investigators to move their research towards clinical translation.

The core resources include:

  • integrated surgical and fluoroscopy suite
  • radiochemistry laboratory
  • unique hybrid SPECT/64-slice CT scanner
  • microSPECT/CT imaging suite
  • in vitro and in vivo microCT scanners
  • 3D ultrasound imaging systems
  • state-of-the-art mouse echo core laboratory
  • 3D graphics workstations

The center focuses on imaging probe and technology development and multimodality anatomic, physiological, and molecular imaging, and image registration and quantification. The training in the Center is supported by an NHLBI-funded T32 program in multimodality molecular and translational cardiovascular imaging. Y-TRIC staff also facilitate multimodality animal imaging at the Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) and Yale PET Center.

Faculty & Staff

  • Director

    Professor of Medicine (Cardiology); Chairman, Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC), Internal Med/Cardiology; Director, Animal Research Laboratories, Internal Med/Cardiology; Chairman, Yale Radioactive Safety Committee (RSC), Internal Med/Cardiology; Chairman, Yale Radioactive Investigation Drug Committee (RIDC), Internal Med/Cardiology; Board of Directors, Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) -Nuclear/PET, Internal Med/Cardiology; Director, Yale Translational Research Imaging Center (Y-TRIC), Internal Med/Cardiology; Director, Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging, Internal Med/Cardiology