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Chagas Disease Alliance at Yale (CDAY)

Chagas disease is a vector-borne parasitic infection that primarily impacts the cardiovascular system with chronic and potentially fatal effects if untreated. Approximately 6-7 million people worldwide are estimated to be infected, mostly within Latin America. Due to increased population mobility over recent decades, coupled with an expansion of the insect vector’s habitat as a consequence of climate change, Chagas disease is also an important public health concern within Latin American diaspora and in the southern US, demonstrating significant social and economic impact.

The Chagas Disease Alliance at Yale is a network of allied researchers, healthcare providers, and public health professionals working to advance basic and translational Chagas disease research, strengthen screening and diagnosis of Chagas disease, and provide comprehensive clinical care to patients with a positive Chagas disease diagnosis. The Chagas Disease Alliance at Yale, ‘thinks globally and acts locally’ with ongoing research collaborations, patient care, policy advocacy, and capacity building efforts both in New Haven and across Latin America.


  • Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health; Associate Director Echocardiography , Cardiovascular Medicine

Past and Ongoing Work/Collaborations

New Haven Area

  • Chagas Disease Screening: Awareness, Practices And Perceived Barriers Among Health Care Providers In Connecticut (Rayack 2023)
  • Chagas Disease Screening: Prevalence of Chagas in New Haven, CT


  • Argentina: Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba
  • Brazil: University of São Paulo; Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
  • Colombia: Universidad de Santander; Universidad de los Andes

GUTIÉRREZ TORRES: Their Worst Disease: Our Indifference

Chagas disease is a silent killer. It kills approximately 12,000 people each year, but, astonishingly, less than 1 percent of those affected receive the necessary treatment, and an unknown number go undiagnosed. In response to this urgent issue, the Chagas Disease Alliance at Yale, or CDAY, has emerged as a beacon of hope and action.

Source: Yale Daily News
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