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Scleroderma Patient Education Videos

Please explore our link to to see various, recorded, Patient Education Events: 2017 to 2020.


Our biorepository space at The Anlyan Center (TAC) is one block from Yale-New Haven Hospital. It has 24-hour accessibility by key card. TAC houses many prominent basic scientists within Yale University School of Medicine. It is a state-of-the-art building complex completed in 2001 with six floors of laboratories for disease-oriented research, teaching facilities, and core research resources.

We have over 30 feet of dedicated bench space for specimen processing and biomarker assays. Presently, the repository includes a -80C freezer and -20 freezer, with the physical and electrical capacity for expansion. Each unit is plugged into the emergency backup AC power with less than a one-minute response time if standard power failure occurs.

The units are additionally connected to an analog Sensaphone 400 remote monitoring system (with battery backup) that is programmed to call a phone tree of four staff members if any of the freezers' preset temperature is exceeded or if power failure occurs. All freezers in the repository receive biannual preventive maintenance, and the system is tested on a quarterly basis to ensure proper operation. The repository contains biospecimens from both active and archived studies and is capable of housing source materials such as blood, urine, DNA, kidney biopsy and/or perfusate collected during the course of various kidney disease studies.