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(multiple units)

Cardiac Ultrasound: (Philips EPIQ CVxi)

Philips EPIQ CVxi)

State-of-the-art ultrasound system that is fully integrated with the Philips Allura Xper FD20 for image guided interventions.

Main Features:

  • Integration kit and cables (EPIQ7Ci integration kit, AVIDIS Smart Cable), Enables system interface with our existing fluoroscopy unit (Allura Xper FD20, Philips)
  • 7 transducers
    • X5-1: 3D matrix transducer (1-5 MHz) for transthoracic cardiac imaging
    • X7-2: 3D matrix transducer (2-7 MHz) for transthoracic cardiac imaging
    • X8-2t: Transesophageal 3D matrix transducer (2-8 MHz)
    • L12-3: Linear array transducer (3-12 MHz) for vascular imaging
    • L15-7io: Linear array transducer (7-15 MHz) for intraoperative vascular imaging
    • D2CWC: Non-imaging 2 MHz PW/CW Doppler transducer for cardiac applications
    • C5-1 Transducer: Curved array transducer (1-5 MHz) for high performance abdominal applications
  • IGT EchoNavigator R3 software and AI license for X8-2t
    • Combining x-ray and 3D TEE echocardiography for guiding interventional procedures
  • TrueVue software for photo-realistic 3D image rendering technology
    • Emulates light propagation in tissue
  • Cardiac 3D Quantification
    • Provides Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR) for viewing anatomical planes from 3D volume and new 3D iSlice generation
  • Dynamic Heart Model
    • Automated Live 3D quantification tool that calculates both LV and LA volumes, LV EF and SV
  • TOMTEC Arena
    • Hardware and software for DICOM data management, transfer, and archive

Rodent Mouse Ultrasound, Visual Sonics Model 2100:

VisualSonics Vevo 2100

  • High resolution (30 um) ultrasound imaging system for rodent imaging.
  • 2D imaging for anatomical visualization and quantification
  • Enhanced temporal resolution with frame rates up to 740 fps.
  • Capable of pulse wave and tissue Doppler imaging.