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Hybrid 128-slice SPECT/CT

VERITON CT, Spectrum Dynamics

VeritonCT hybrid digital SPECT/CT with movable gantry size

  • State-of-the-art hybrid SPECT CZT that allows for focused or whole-body SPECT/CT imaging with high resolution and sensitivity.
  • Full body 360° digital SPECT/CT system for fully quantitative images for translational research, dosimetry, and a wide range of clinical applications including for diagnostic and prognostic purposes, along with tracking therapeutic interventions.
Movable SPECT gantry size between 80 (A) and 23cm (B)
  • The system enables total body imaging, with 200 cm coverage and 80 cm bore size, that incorporates correction for scatter, attenuation, and partial volume effect for improved quantitative accuracy.
  • The VERITON CT system has a unique set of 12 digital CZT detectors that automatically move within millimeters of the subject’s body. This allows for maximum sensitivity and resolution.