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3D Graphics Workstations and Servers

  • Dedicated rack server with a Windows based OS (Windows Sever 2008)
  • Citrix server, and a shared area network (SAN) disk storage system with >70TB of storage and tape backup
  • Satellite computers are used for image and data processing that run Linux, Windows 7 and 10
  • InVicro iPACS Discovery Data Management Software:
    • Perpetual basic software license, vendor neutral image format collection, reporting engine, cloud based DICOM server, LDAP
    • 12 user account package
    • 2 administrative user account packages.
    • Project-tree data organization with role-based authorization for image study management, data harmonization (storing and indexing) to standardize any data from any imaging modality
    • Vendor neutral for data organization, and can be simplified to allow for direct backup to the Yale AWS cloud storage system.
    • Cloud based DICOM server (AWS) will allow for advanced data sharing capabilities via public links and iPACS dropzones for internal and external users of the SPECT/CT imaging system.
  • MIM-SD Workstation and Software:
    • Post-processing, quantification and display of VERITON SPECT/CT reconstructed data.
    • MIM-SD provides a diverse set of fusion and nuclear medicine diagnostic viewing and processing tools.
    • Supports vendor-neutral multi-modality image fusion for both 3D and 2D-static scans.
    • Fusions are created rapidly using automatic as well as manual techniques.
    • The software is intended to receive, transmit, store, retrieve, display, print, and process digital medical images, as well as create, display, and print reports from those images.
  • Image processing can also be performed using two dedicated advanced 3D graphic workstations (GE Healthcare AW 4.4), or by using two dedicated GE Xeleris workstations for SPECT/CT image co- registration and analysis. Additionally, a GE AW server (4 TB) provides remote access to images and processing software via Citrix access.
  • There are also several high-end PC workstations available for image processing that hold licenses for quantitative image analysis tools including; QLab, PMOD, and EchoInsight. We created two managed Windows virtual servers one for applications (4CPU’s with 16GB of memory and 200GB) and another for data management (4CPU’s with 8GB of memory and 300GB). These servers are linked to two TomTec workstations for imaging processing and management.