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Services and Imaging

Animal Services

Pre- and Intraoperative Animal Care Assistance

Y-TRIC staff can assist with pre- and intraoperative animal care for both large and small animals.

Animal Surgery

Y-TRIC staff can assist in all aspects of large and small animal surgeries including:

  1. Anesthesia administration and monitoring,
  2. Intubation and ventilation
  3. Hemodynamic monitoring
  4. Creation of sterile fields
  5. Vascular access and catheterizations
  6. General surgery and surgical assistance
  7. Microsurgery
Experimental Animal Model Design

Y-TRIC will assist investigators in using existing animal models or create new animal models to effectively meet their research objectives. Interested investigators should contact Y-TRIC to schedule a meeting to discuss their requirements and determine how Y-TRIC’s resources/expertise can be beneficial.


Types of Imaging
  • Small animal CT imaging
  • Small animal ultrasound imaging
  • Small animal laser Doppler flow imaging
  • Large animal SPECT/CT imaging
  • Large animal fluoroscopy imaging
  • Large animal ultrasound imaging

Please contact us for equipment list, pricing & forms.

Imaging Analysis

Y-TRIC serves images and image processing applications to all users. Additional, Y-TRIC staff can assist in the processing and analysis of all image modalities. Collaboration with Yale's Image Processing and Analysis Group (IPAG) is also facilitated.

Y-TRIC Resources