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Getting Started Checklist

  1. With the assistance of Y-TRIC, clear regulatory process (providing a copy of all approvals to Y-TRIC)
  2. Provide payment information:
    • Yale Users - will be required to provide a COA# and IACUC approval letters before studies can commence
  3. You will be provided assistance to schedule your studies
    • A link and password will be provided to access the scheduling calendar to facilitate this process

Preliminary Consultation

  • Discussion of experimental needs and Y-TRIC resources
  • Assistance by the Y-TRIC staff in the experimental design to optimize utilization of Y-TRIC capabilities
  • Discuss Y-TRIC staff involvement (including pre- and post-op care), costs, scheduling, and regulatory requirements
  • Other topics as dictated by the specific study

Regulatory Forms & Protocols Assistance

Y-TRIC staff will assist investigators traversing the regulatory landscape including OEHS, YARC and IACUC. Y-TRIC will provide boilerplate documents to accelerate the process, as well as, facilitating all steps in the process in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Y-TRIC Resources