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Core 2: Heteronuclear MRS

The primary goals of the heteronuclear MRS Core are to obtain better resolved MRS data of biomolecules in non-human brain. In the past two decades, sensitivity and spectral resolution of MRS data (with 1H, 13C, 15N, 17O, 19F, and 31P) has continuously been improved by higher field strength (e.g., 4.0T, 7.0T, 9.4T, 11.7T), superior radio-frequency coil design, optimized radio-frequency pulse sequences, and sophisticated localized shimming. Specifically, dynamic 13C MRS data of 13C-label flow into metabolites (e.g., neuronal glutamate/GABA and astrocytic glutamine) with intravenous infusion of 13C-enriched substrates has quantified in vivo rates of neurotransmission and neuroenergetics.

Core Director: Douglas Rothman
Core Co-Director: Robin de Graaf
Core Scientist: Daniel Coman