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Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC)

Layout of major equipment and laboratories in MMRC. See Table R.1 for resource description. Blue areas, including space to be renovated, represent the Material Science laboratory.

The MRRC occupies approximately 33,000 square feet in The Anlyan Center (TAC building) at the Yale School of Medicine. The Yale MRRC is dedicated to the development of novel approaches to imaging and imaging-related research studies.

The MRRC brings together the research groups of 9 faculty members in the section of Bioimaging Sciences in the Department of Radiology and faculty members from other departments engaged in collaborative interdisciplinary research. Major equipment at the Center include 11.74T and 9.4T Agilent Direct Drive horizontal small animal scanners for high-field MRI and MRS. Both high field systems have 4 channel receivers. There are a 4.0T Bruker Avance horizontal small animal system for anatomical imaging and bone marrow studies, a 7T Agilent human system for brain and limb MRS and MRI, a 4T Bruker whole body system for human MRS, two state-of-the-art 3.0T Siemens TIM Trio systems with 32 channel parallel imaging capabilities, a 1.5T Siemens Sonata for whole body MRI. Note that all of these systems are dedicated 100% to research activities. Additionally there are 500 and 600 MHz vertical MRS systems for protein structure and biochemical analysis. There are also extensive facilities for computer simulation of MR pulse sequences and electronics.

The center includes dedicated spaces for MRI and MRS experimental support, neurophysiology, molecular/cellular imaging and biological marker fabrication computing, image and data analysis, neurometabolic experiments and behavioral studies, and thus contains all the resources for integrated studies of brain function and disease models. In addition the laboratories and imaging systems described below (except the computational resources and the behavior laboratory) are all conveniently located along one corridor providing an ideal environment for collaboration and application of multiple techniques to the same investigations. There is also a fully equipped instrumentation laboratory for electronics design, testing, and fabrication (descriptive overview is in Table R.1).

Description of Resources.