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Core 1: Multi-modal MRI

The primary goals of the multi-modal MRI Core are to develop ultra-high resolution multi-modal MRI methods to allow whole brain 3D imaging of brain function (fMRI) and anatomy (DTI) at the levels of, and in some cases surpassing, individual cortical columns in non-human brain and make these methods available to collaborating neuroscientists at Yale. These columnar units are the fundamental processing units within the brain. At present, imaging at this resolution (i.e., ~50 μm2) is obtained with optical methods, which are limited to very small regions of the brain. Research efforts of QNMR Core Center have significantly improved fMRI and DTI spatial resolution to columnar levels while imaging the entire brain.

Core Director: D. S. Fahmeed Hyder
Core Co-Director: Robin de Graaf
Core Scientist: Basavaraju Sanganahalli