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Seminar Series in Bioimaging Science

2012 Robert G. Shulman Lectures in Magnetic Resonance

Symposium on “Imaging Brain Function with Magnetic Resonance: The Next 20 Years”

January 12, Thursday (2:15-5:30 pm) at TAC Auditorium (300 Cedar Street)

Seiji Ogawa, Ph.D. fMRI: Present and Future
(Tohoku Fukushi University)

Kamil Ugurbil, Ph.D. Frontiers in Functional Neuroimaging: From Cortical Columns to
(University of Minnesota) Whole Brain Functional Dynamics

R. Todd Constable, Ph.D. Functional Network Organization of the Brain as Revealed by fMRI
(Yale University)

D. S. Fahmeed Hyder, Ph.D. Brain Energetics and Neuronal Activity: Can fMRI Provide
(Yale University) Quantitative Neuronal Activity Maps?

Robert G. Shulman, Ph.D. Brain Energy and Consciousness
(Yale University)

2012 Spring
January 31, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Paul Matthews GlaxoSmithKline/Imperial College, London, UK Imaging brain microglia activated with multiple sclerosis: Understanding genetic variation underlying PET radioligand affinity
March 13, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Meser Ali Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI Dendrimer-based smart contrast agents for targeted molecular imaging
April 10, Tuesday (2:00 pm) Mathias Fink Institut Langevin, Paris, France Multiwave imaging
April 10, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Michael Alkire Anesthesiology, UC Irvine, CA Neuroimaging consciousness and anesthesia
2011 Fall
September 27, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Despina Kontos University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Multi-modality predictive imaging biomarkers for clinical decision making in breast cancer
October 11, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Eng Lo MGH, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Neurovascular mechanisms of injury and repair after stroke
October 25, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Janet Morrow University at Buffalo, Amherst, NY PARACEST MRI contrast agents that are responsive to anions, metal ions and pH
November 29, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Anthony Mancuso University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA The role of glucose, glutamine and serum lipids in fatty acid metabolism of cultured cancer cells
2011 Spring
February 15, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Christopher Pawela Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI Detecting brain reorganization with fMRI in response to peripheral nerve injury
March 22, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Wynne Schiffer The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Manhasset, NY Merging molecular imaging and behavioral neuroscience: Seeing animal models in a new light
March 29, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Rahim Rizi University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Measurement of the singlet-state lifetime of nitrogen-15 and carbon-13 compounds and its application in metabolic imaging
April 5, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Georg Northoff University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON Is the brain's resting state activity relevant? Neuroscientific and neuropsychiatric investigations
June 28, Tuesday (1:00 pm) Anne Tonson Centre de Résonance Magnétique Biologique et Médicale, Marseille, France Non-invasive investigation of growth and maturation effects on skeletal muscle function: A functional and metabolic study in humans and small animals
2010 Fall
September 7, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Maxwell Bennett Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney Psychiatric diseases: A core pathology of synapse regression
September 14, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Jerry Prince Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Image segmentation of multiple objects with topology control
September 28, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Charlie Mitch Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN Identifying PET tracer candidates using non-radioactive compounds and LC/MS: Discovery of novel kappa selective opioid receptor antagonists
October 5, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Miles Wernick Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL Machine learning problems in medical imaging and crime analysis
October 19, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Leif Hertz University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada Why do astrocytes need metabolic energy and how do they get it?
October 26, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Martin Walter Otto v. Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany Metabolic mechanisms underlying abnormal resting state fMRI behavior in majrd depression
November 2, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Afonso Silva NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, MD Spatiotemporal evolution of the fMRI response to ultrashort stimuli
November 9, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Kilian Pohl University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Active mean fields: Evolving curves via an explicit probabilistic representation
December 14, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Kimberly Huber University of Texas, Southwestern, Dallas, TX Mechanisms of altered mGluR5 function in fragile X syndrome
2010 Spring
January 19, Tuesday (4:15 pm) William M. Wells III Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Towards a unified theory of statistical registration
February 9, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Craig Ferris Northeastern University, Boston, MA Awake animal imaging: Identifying integrated neural circuits involved in aggression, sex, and fear
February 23, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Roman Fleysher New York University, New York, NY B1 mapping for clinical applications
March 9, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Anand Rangarajan University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Information geometry and square-root densities for shape analysis
April 13, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Bojana Stefanovic University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada Imaging of neurovascular coupling: from mice to men
April 20, Tuesday (4:15 pm) David Leopold NIMH, NIH, Bethesda, MA Thalamocortical circuits in visual perception
April 27, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Gerald Dienel University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AK Brain activation, metabolite trafficking, and astrocytes
April 29, Thursday (4:15 pm) Kevin Cleary Georgetown University, Washington, DC The computer assisted interventions & medical robotics (CAIMR) research group at georgetown university medical center
2009 Fall
October 20, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Noam Harel CMMR, University of Minnesota, Minniapolis, MN Structural and functional mapping of the brain at ultra-high field MRI
October 27, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Mark Goodman PET Core, Emory University, Atlanta, GA PET tumor imaging using fluorine-18 labeled amino acids
November 3, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Amir Shmuel McConnel Brain Imaging Centre, McGill University, Montreal, Canada Neuronal correlates of functional MRI signals
November 10, Tuesday (4:15 pm) David Boas NMR Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Investigating neurovascular coupling with multi-modal optical imaging
December 7, Monday (11:30 am) Xiaoning Qian Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Local alignment of biological networks using hidden Markov models
2009 Spring
April 7, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Barry Horwitz NIMH, NIH, Bethesda, MD The connected brain: Functional imaging and neural modeling of human brain function
April 14, Tuesday (3:15 pm) Essa Yacoub CMMR, University of Minnesota, Minniapolis, MN Pushing the limits of human fMRI at high magnetic fields
April 21, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Chester Mathis University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Amyloid imaging in vivo: Progress and promise
April 28, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Nikos Chrisochoides The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA The use of grid computing and heterogeneous multi-core architectures for affordable image guided neurosurgery for many
2008 Fall
October 28, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Arijitt Borthakur University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA T1p MRI in diagnostic imaging
November 11, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Michael Shapiro University of Maryland, Baltimore, MA NMR spectroscopy: From structure to function
November 18, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Diana Martinez Columbia University, New York, NY Dopamine and Addiction: Using PET to explore the neurobiology of substance abuse
November 25, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Jorge Riera Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan In vivo concurrent observations of two-photon astrocytic Ca2+ imaging and multi-site extracellular potentials in the cerebral cortex
December 2, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Christos Davatzikos University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Statistical atlases in medical image analysis: from group analysis to individual patient diagnosis
December 9, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Rahim Rizi University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Application of hyperpolarized helium-3 and carbon-13 in pulmonary medicine
2008 Spring
January 29, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Bharat Biswal University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ Resting-state low-frequency connectivity: What’s in the noise?
February 12, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Wei Chen CMMR, University of Minnesota, Minniapolis, MN Progress and promise of in vivo 17O/31P MRS for brain research at high field
February 26, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Yihong Yang NIDA, NIH, Baltimore, MD Resting-state functional MRI in human and animal studies
April 1, Tuesday (3:15 pm) Alan Koretsky NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, MD MRI of plasticity in the rodent brain
April 11, Friday (2:00 pm) Klaus Mueller SUNY, Stony Brook, NY Real-time 3D computed tomographic reconstruction using commodity graphics hardware
April 29, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Anthony Hudetz Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI Toward the neural correlates of anesthetic-induced unconsciousness
2007 Fall
October 8, Monday (12:30 pm) Albert Gjedde Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark Foundations of neuroimaging
October 16, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Edith Hamel McGill University, Montreal, Canada Cortical neurons in the neurovascular coupling responses to afferent pathway stimulation
October 23, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Paul Schornack University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Distribution characteristics of neutral and negative charged Gd-chelates administered by intracerebral ventricular infusion in rat brain
October 29, Monday (12:30 pm) Joy Hirsch Columbia University, New York, NY Future directions for translational neuroimaging
October 30, Tuesday (4:15 pm) John Sled University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada Measuring the mouse: Imaging of anatomy and physiology
November 1, Thursday (2:00 pm) Kamil Ugurbil Max Planck Institute, Tübingen, Germany and CMMR, University of Minnesota, Minniapolis, MN Functional mapping in the human brain: Recent advances using ultrahigh magnetic fields
November 6, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Jeff Alger UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI, cerebral blood flow imaging with positron emission tomography, correlation in traumatic brain injury and stroke
November 14, Wednesday (10:00 am) Kazuto Masamoto National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Chiba, Japan Dynamics of brain tissue oxygen demand and supply during neural activation
November 16, Friday (11:00 am) Gerald Rosen University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD EPR imaging of oxygen in the brain
December 6, Tuesday (4:15 pm) Pengcheng Shi Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY Tracer kinetics guided dynamic PET reconstruction