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  • Director, Core 1 Director

    Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging and of Biomedical Engineering; Technical Director, Magnetic Resonance Research Center (; Program Director, Core Center for Quantitative Neuroscience with Magnetic Resonance (

  • Core 3 Director

    Mark Loughridge and Michele Williams Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neuroscience and of Neurosurgery; Director, Yale Clinical Neuroscience Imaging Center (CNIC)

  • Core 3 Co-director

    Dr. Harry M. Zimmerman and Dr. Nicholas and Viola Spinelli Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience; Vice-Chair for Research, Neurology; Director, Center for Experimental Neuroimaging

  • Core 4 Director

    Professor of Biomedical Informatics & Data Science, and Radiology & Biomedical Imaging; Director: Image Processing and Analysis, Bioimaging Sciences, Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

  • Core 4 Director

    Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging and of Psychiatry; Director Metabolic Modeling and Director Psychiatric MRS, Magnetic Resonance Research Center; Director, Neuroimaging Sciences Training Program, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging and Psychiatry; Chair, Magnetic Resonance Research Center Protocol Review Committee, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging

Core Scientists