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Center for Health Informatics and Analytics


The Center for Health Informatics and Analytics (CHIA) at Yale/YNHH CORE provides a broad expertise in the management and analyses of diverse data sources spanning electronic health records, registries, digital data streams, and administrative claims. We have unique scientific expertise and infrastructure to provide comprehensive data analytic services, using an interactive and multidisciplinary approach. Our analyses have supported prominent research efforts through the conduct and development of risk scores, clinical comparative effectiveness studies, epidemiological and surveillance investigations, quality measurement design and evaluation, and pharmaceutical and medical device industry research. We continue to build broad partnerships with large national healthcare organizations, offering state-of-the-art and secure solutions for accelerating discovery and implementation science.

Underscoring our experience and commitment to collaboration, since 2007 the Center for Health Informatics and Analytics has presided over the analysis of over 200 projects with dozens of investigators across the country and around the world. These projects have included the analysis of data collected in both in-hospital and outpatient settings, as well as data generated from medical record abstraction and cloud-based electronic health records.

The Yale/YNHH CORE CHIA team is comprised of talented faculty and staff who are engaged in evaluating and improving quality of care, determining economically attractive strategies, tracking trends in patterns of care, developing and evaluating disease management and decision support tools, characterizing risk, profiling hospital performance, and evaluating the effectiveness of health care strategies, among others.

By partnering with academic, industry, and government organizations, our team works to improve patient outcomes, inform best practices around emerging technologies, guide health care policy and advance science through scholarship.