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Digital Healthcare Solutions

Pushing the boundaries of knowledge with creativity, skills, and tools.

CORE is at the forefront of applying the latest tools in data science to challenging problems in healthcare. We believe that medicine is becoming an information science, and we are engaged in work to apply the emerging capabilities toward better informing decisions by patients, clinicians, administrators, policymakers, and government agencies. We leverage extensive datasets with advanced approaches to yield insights that will propel performance and improve healthcare outcomes. Our multi-disciplinary teams are applying the new frontiers of data science and artificial intelligence to areas of diagnosis, precision medicine, quality measurement, and risk stratification. This work is garnering international attention and is award-winning.

CORE is deeply committed to data science and artificial intelligence. Our premise is that medicine is now an information science. Our applications range from developing electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) to the development of novel diagnostic tools to the development of next-generation research strategies. We are leveraging real-world data so that insights can be timely and efficient. We are also employing digital strategies to collect patient-reported and patient-generated data to ensure the inclusion of the patient perspective. Our projects involve work for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as we develop digital tools for the next generation of quality measurement. They also involve research grants funded by federal agencies, foundations and industry. The overall intent is to harness the potential of data science to improve health outcomes.