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CORE seeks expert innovators to transform healthcare

Our exceptional team is CORE’s greatest asset. To pursue our mission, we convene professionals with diverse backgrounds, academic training, experiences, and interests.

Transforming the healthcare system also requires progressive thinking: we place emphasis on a candidate’s transferrable skills. We strive to bringing on both traditional and non-traditional staff to join our team. Collectively, each unique, dedicated individual contributes the heartbeat to our success.

Our key organizational values include curiosity, dedication, creativity, integrity, compassion, and collaboration. We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the work we do and in the talent we bring together. We seek to expand our team with candidates who embody these principles.

Meet our Employees

"Nurses are highly skilled professionals who make significant contributions to healthcare and healthcare outcomes. As an Afro-Latina nurse, it is a privilege and honor to partner with and learn from the brilliant and committed CORE staff and our partners in creating scientific product to drive improvements in healthcare and healthcare outcomes. Our work will help many individuals who look like me and share my background.”

Tina Loarte-Rodriguez, DNP
Associate Director, Health Equity Measures