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Director's Welcome

Dr. Harlan M. Krumholz, Director

The Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) is dedicated to applying scientific methods and developing scientific approaches to address the clinical and healthcare policy challenges that face our country and the global community. We have assembled a talented, multidisciplinary group who are committed to developing solutions to the practical needs of medicine and healthcare. Our organization combines the highest academic ideals with a pragmatic approach that emphasizes the production of useful knowledge. We are distinguished by our creativity, dedication, experience and skills - and our commitment to having our work make a tangible difference to patients, the public and society.

In a little more than 20 years of existence, CORE has made considerable contributions. We have developed new approaches to research, designed novel methods of assessing quality of care, identified innovative practice strategies, organized and evaluated national quality improvement campaigns, attracted and trained students and others in outcomes research, pursued efforts to improve the ethics of medical research and education, and produced knowledge to identify and eliminate disparities. Our scope is local, national and international. We have created a collaborative milieu and actively seek the perspective of those who will use or potentially benefit from the products of our work. We seek work that will promote better health and health care for all. Our ultimate goal is to see that people benefit by the applied science that we do.

Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, SM



Founded in 1995, CORE is one of the country’s original outcomes research centers. Led by Dr. Harlan M. Krumholz and Dr. Jennifer A. Mattera, CORE consists of talented clinical investigators, statisticians, analysts, computer scientists, economists, epidemiologists, management experts and administrative staff. We actively collaborate with national and international experts in outcomes research. CORE has recognized expertise in evaluating and improving quality of care, determining cost-effective strategies, tracking trends in patterns of care, developing and evaluating disease management and decision support tools, characterizing risk, profiling hospital performance, and evaluating the effectiveness of health care strategies. CORE’s projects have focused on the safety, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, timeliness, and patient-centeredness of health care delivery.