CORE In the News

TheMiddletownPress - September 2019
“Blacks at highest risk of heart disease, as overall numbers fall”

AARP - August 2019
“When to Keep, Shred or Scan Important Papers”

HealthcareDive - August 2019
“Tweaking CMS model variables can improve payment estimates, JAMA study finds”

YaleNews - July 2019
“Machine learning better predicts bleeding risk during coronary procedures”

tctMD - June 2019
“Cardiac Cath and EP Labs: Study Shines Light on Directors’ Financial Ties to Industry”

PhillyVoice - June 2019
“Why you should take a peek at your doctor’s notes on your health”

YaleNews - June 2019
“Preprint server for health sciences will ‘accelerate’ research”

Science - June 2019
“Medical preprint server debuts”

medRxiv - June 2019
“New preprint server for the health sciences announced today”

Yale News - April 2019
“Low mobility predicts hospital readmission in older heart attack patients”

Yale News - April 2019
“Text messages show promise as next step for improving heart health in China”

Yale News - April 2018
“Study links insurance coverage to access to hospital care”

ConsumerAffairs - March 2019
“Researchers find heart attacks aren't as frequent or deadly for Americans”

UPI News - February 2019
“Study: Half of adults with heart disease have trouble paying medical bills”

Yale News - November 2018
“Krumholz, Spatz receive funding to develop new 24/7 blood pressure monitor”

U.S. News and World Report - November 2018
“Must Blood Pressure Rise With Age? Remote Tribes Hold Clues”

Yale News - October 2018
“Major hospitals fail to meet medical record standards”

Channel NewsAsia - October 2018
“For US patients, access to medical records often difficult and costly”

Forbes - September 2018
“News For Healthy, Older Patients: Toss Your Baby Aspirin”

tctMD/the heart beat - September 2018
“Impact of Race and Socieoeconomics on Outcomes After Hospitalization Appears Systemic”

ScienceDaily - August 2018
“As body mass index increases, blood pressure may as well”

tctMD/the heart beat - August 2018
“Aging Data: Study Highlights Delays From Time of Clinical Trial Enrollment to Publication”

USA TODAY - July 2018
“Aggressively lowering blood pressure could reduce risk of developing dementia, study finds”

Medscape – June 2018
"Lights Out on National Guideline Clearinghouse"

The Wall Street Journal – May 2018
"It’s Time to Get Rid of the Stethoscope"

AHRQ PSNet – April 2018
"In Conversation With… Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM"

CGTN – March 2018
"Dialogue with Yang Rui - Heart Disease in China"

Bloomberg – March 2018
"Drugmakers Try a Rare Tactic to Boost Sales: Cutting the Price"

New York Times – March 2018
"National Coordination Center to Support VA EMR with Resources from Top U.S. Health Care Organizations"

YaleNews – February 2018
"Yale Center for Biomedical Data Science is about 'positive impact'"

Yale News – February 2018
"Preventing, controlling hypertension could reduce China’s high stroke rate"

Yale News – February 2018
"Yale establishes biomedical data science center"

USA Today - February 2018
"Google hopes Al can predict heart disease by looking at retinas

Theday - February 2018
“In our eyes, Google’s software sees heart attack risk”

YaleNews - January 2018
“In China, doctors are overestimating the severity of coronary stenosis”