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9th Annual Update on Interventional Cardiology: "A COVID Symposium - The Yale Experience across the HVC from Physicians to Nurses and Technologists"


The 2020 Interventional Cardiology symposium is a one-day educational event, held via Zoom, highlighting the contributions of nurses and technologists who care for patients undergoing interventional cardiovascular procedures. From new research and equipment to new procedures, applications, and approaches, the field of interventional cardiology is one of the fastest-changing areas in medicine. Often the care delivered by nurses and technologists during life-saving cardiac procedures gets overlooked. Their role is critical. Their preparation behind the scenes is what often allows providers to get the outcomes that patients need. This year’s CME event will focus on nurses and technologists’ skill sets, processes, and understanding of cardiac disease and procedures that enhance the survival and quality of life of patients.




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Nov 20206Friday
1:00 PM5:00 PM