Chirag R Parikh, MD, PhD, FACP

Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Director, Program of Applied Translational Research

Research Interests

Kidney Diseases; Nephrology; Renal Insufficiency; Biomarkers, Pharmacological; Biostatistics; Translational Medical Research; Acute Kidney Injury

Public Health Interests

Biomarkers; Biostatistics; Kidney Disease

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: Liver Center | Nephrology: Center for Polycystic Kidney Disease Research; Program for Applied Translational Research (PATR)

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

The outcome of patients with acute kidney injury remains unchanged in the last five decades, despite tremendous advances in understanding at the cellular and molecular level. Delayed diagnosis of acute kidney injury with traditional markers, such as serum creatinine, is one of the main reasons for failure of interventional strategies in this disease. This issue is becoming increasingly recognized, with an urgent need for translational research to identify new biomarkers and interventions to improve outcomes for this relatively common and deadly condition.

My group is involved in several epidemiological and translational research projects. We are validating novel biomarkers, such as urine IL-18 and urine NGAL, in several multi-center patient cohorts of kidney injury. In addition, we are analyzing several national and international databases to address important questions surrounding prevention, patterns of care, and the prognosis of various kidney diseases.

Specialized Terms: Acute kidney injury; Novel biomarkers of kidney injury; Translational research

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Chirag R Parikh, MD, PhD, FACP
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PO Box 208029
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