John Nevins Forrest Jr MD

Professor of Medicine; Director, Office of Student Research

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Medical Education StaffClinical Investigation, Yale Center for (YCCI): Educational ProgramInternal Medicine: Nephrology

Research Interests

Cystic fibrosis; CFTR; Kidney; Chloride channels; Shark rectal gland more...


  • M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1964

Selected Publications

  • Forrest J.N. Jr., J Am Soc Nephrol. (2009 Aug); Franklin H. Epstein: reminiscences of a brilliant physician-scientist and master clinician. 20(8):1651-3. Epub 2009 Jul 16
  • Bewley MS, Pena JT, Plesch FN, Decker SE, Weber GJ, Forrest JN.. Jr. (2006) Shark rectal gland vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor: cloning, functional expression, and regulation of CFTR chloride channels. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2006 Oct;291(4):R1157-64. Epub 2006 May 25.
  • Mattingly CJ, Rosenstein MC, Colby GT, Forrest JN Jr, Boyer JL. (2006) The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD): a resource for comparative toxicological studies. J Exp Zoolog A Comp Exp Biol. 2006 Sep 1;305(9):689-92.



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