Central Business Office

YSM Central Business Office monitors and provides a large array of administrative and financial services to faculty and staff within YSM Central Departments. In addition, YSM Central Business Office meets the needs of both internal and external customers through budget development, financial analysis, and financial reporting. YSM Central Business oversees and supervises the fiscal and administrative functions of 31 departments with varied mandates. It is the main link to Financial Operations and systems in the processing of payroll, billing, and invoices.

YSM Central Business Office Contacts

Paul Greeley, Lead Administrator, YSM Finance (203) 785-2560

Sarah Moore, Associate Administrator, YSM Finance (203) 737-5420

Elaine Martinez, Associate Administrator, YSM Finance (203) 737-1265

Teddy Garcia, Financial Assistant, YSM Finance (203) 737-1707

Jean Giovanelli, Coordinator, YSM Finance (203) 785-4692

Kathy Glynn, HR Generalist  (203) 785-5970

Randall Roach, Financial Assistant, YSM Finance (203) 785-5609

Carleen Shaw, Financial Assistant, YSM Finance  (203) 785-5258

Mary Joyce Trapp, Office Manager, YSM Finance  (203) 737-5307

YSM Central Departments

YSM Parking
(203) 785-6456

YSM Security
(203) 785-5555