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Investigative Medicine Program

Yale’s Investigative Medicine Program (IMP) is primarily supported by the Clinical and Translational Science Award. This program awards a PhD degree in Investigative Medicine to physicians who have completed their clinical training and subsequently decided to pursue a research career. IMP trainees pursue either a laboratory-based track or a clinical research track and are students in Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The over-arching goal of the IMP program is to train creative translational researchers devoted to patient-oriented investigation.

MD-PhD Program

The School of Medicine’s MD-PhD Program trains physician-scientists as basic and clinical researchers who can translate research findings to unravel problems of human pathobiology.

MD-PhD with University of Puerto Rico

In this newly created program, students accepted into the MD program at the University of Puerto Rico Medical School can enroll in Yale’s Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences to obtain their PhD. The training and mentoring they receive at Yale will prepare them for careers as physician-scientists who have an impact on health care in the United States and globally.