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Research in Progress Online Lectures

Joint Meetings of the IMP & CTSA Scholars

This series has been an important component of the Scholars program by providing a forum for research presentations by Scholars. The conference, which meets biweekly, includes not only the KL2 Scholars but also TL1 Trainees, PhD students, and junior and senior faculty members. The Research in Progress presentations occur the second Tuesday and fourth Monday of the month at noon in TAC N203 (unless otherwise noted). Besides providing useful feedback on research projects, the seminars serve as a forum for scholars to learn what others are doing and to develop collaborations. Selected talks are given by invited speakers from within and outside Yale on topics of importance to the Scholars. The talks are video-taped and placed on-line for Scholars who are unable to attend. In addition, Program leaders use this forum to present information about the many resources available to Scholars through the CTSA to help them in their research. This seminar series has also been important for developing a sense of community among trainees from all of the YCCI training programs.