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Pre-Doctoral Training Program

Multidisciplinary Pre-Doctoral Training Program in Translational Research Representative Publications
  • Licurse A, Kim MC, Dziura J, Forman HP, Formica RN, Makarov DV, Parikh CR, Gross CP. Renal ultrasonography in the evaluation of acute kidney injury: developing a risk stratification framework. 2010. Arch Intern Med. Nov 22;170(21):1900-7.
  • Belman JP, Bian RR, Habtemichael EN, Li DT, Jurczak MJ, Alcázar-Román A, McNally LJ, Shulman GI, Bogan JS. Acetylation of TUG protein promotes the accumulation of GLUT4 glucose transporters in an insulin-responsive intracellular compartment. 2015. J Biol Chem. Feb 13;290(7):4447-63. PMCID: PMC4326849
  • Abrahimi P, Chang WG, Kluger MS, Qyang Y, Tellides G, Saltzman WM, Pober JS. Efficient gene disruption in cultured primary human endothelial cells by CRISPR/Cas9. 2015. Circ Res. Jul 3;117(2):121-8.
  • Piotrowska Z, Vázquez M, Shapiro ED, Weibel C, Ferguson D, Landry ML, Kahn JS. Rhinoviruses are a major cause of wheezing and hospitalization in children less than 2 years of age. 2009. Pediatr Infect Dis J. Jan;28(1):25-9
  • Andrejecsk JW, Cui J, Chang WG, Devalliere J, Pober JS, Saltzman WM. Paracrine exchanges of molecular signals between alginate-encapsulated pericytes and freely suspended endothelial cells within a 3D protein gel. 2013. Biomaterials. Nov;34(35):8899-908.