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Education, Training, and Career Development at YCCI

One of YCCI’s most important missions is to attract the best and the brightest students, fellows, and junior faculty members to careers in clinical research, and offer them the training necessary to master a daunting array of research approaches and technologies and work effectively within complex teams.

YCCI is committed to training the next generation of clinical and translational researchers by offering robust educational programs that provide the support and expertise young investigators need to launch their careers. This effort has involved crossing boundaries and opening dialogues across the entire university to ensure that tomorrow’s investigators have the tools and training they need to conduct innovative research. One of our most successful initiatives has been the YCCI Scholars program to provide training, research, and salary support to junior faculty members. More than 100 promising investigators have been or are currently YCCI Scholars.

YCCI also provides outstanding mentoring, educational training and support for career development exceptional Pre- and Post-Doctoral trainees in the Yale Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Biomedical Engineering to help them successfully pursue careers in clinical and translational research focused on improving human health.

Clinical Research Training

The YCCI Clinical Research Training Program is committed to providing support to facilitate the highest possible quality in clinical research. We provide training opportunities for faculty and research staff to ensure that research is carried out appropriately and efficiently. Our educational offerings include professional development for faculty, research nurses, coordinators, data managers, and regulatory, administrative and financial staff involved in clinical research.

We maintain broad-based information on federal, state, local and institutional requirements needed to initiate and manage clinical research, including all regulatory requirements, detailed knowledge about specifics for implementing research at Yale and affiliated sites, and a robust system for educating and updating those involved in clinical and translational research about compliance and regulatory requirements and procedures. In addition, our program is designed to help educate research staff on resolving problems encountered in their work environment as they arise.