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STPLabtech Mosquito

The STPLabtech Mosquito liquid handling robot is a robust, reliable tool used in the preparation of crystallization experiments. Many crystallization methods can be done efficiently including; hanging drop, multiple drop per well hanging drop, sitting drop, seeding, additive screens, under oil, multiple protein complexes, sparse matrix screens and optimization screens. In addition to crystallographic experiments the Mosquito can be utilized as an advanced liquid handling system. It can pipet into 96, 384 and 1536 well SBS format plates and has an accuracy of 20 nL.

The Mosquito has been successfully used in a variety of other applications where accurate and precise pipetting of nanoliter volumes of liquid is critical.

High-Throughput MALDI-TOF
A TTPLabtech Mosquito was used in the following publication: Heap RE, Hope AG, Pearson LA, et al. Identifying Inhibitors of Inflammation: A Novel High-Throughput MALDI-TOF Screening Assay for Salt-Inducible Kinases (SIKs). SLAS Discov. 2017;22(10):1193-1202.
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Single cell RNA Sequencing method (Cel-seq2)
A TTPLabtech Mosquito was used in the following publication: Sagar, Pokrovskii M, Herman JS, et al. Deciphering the regulatory landscape of fetal and adult γδ T-cell development at single-cell resolution. EMBO J. 2020;39(13):e104159.
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Nextera XT library preparation and magnetic bead clean up.
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Automated high-density sample storage and Miniaturized liquid handling for high-throughput synthetic biology construct assembly.
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Using Mosquito HTS for Gateway cloning, PCR amplification and Nextera library generation.
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STPLabtech YouTube Channel

STPLabtech also provides an extensive series of tutorial and usage videos on their Youtube channel.