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Rates & Scheduling


Type of Service
Yale University

Rates Effective July 1, 2021
Non-Yale Academic and Non-Profit Institutions

For Profit Institutions
Rigaku X-ray Generator and Pilatus Detector1 $30.00
Liquid Handling2
$62.50 $75.00
Crystal Imaging3
$42.50 $51.00
Agilent HPLC and SEC-MALS5
Staff Hourly Services6

1 Hourly rate covers use of the X-ray Diffraction system for testing crystals, dataset collection and freezing crystals. This also applies to using the room and microscope and tools to freeze crystals without using the X-ray system. Also applies to use of the Linux computer to process data.

2 Hourly rate covers use of the Formulatrix NT-8, TTP Labtech Mosquito, and ARI Gryphon.

3 Hourly rate covers the use of the Formulatrix RI-1000 and RI-1 imagers. Actual imaging time of your plates is recorded by the software and billed monthly, you will need to be signed into the scheduler to sit at the control PC. Time is not charged for using the PC; only actual imaging.

4 Hourly rate for the Nano-ITC.

5 Daily Rate for using the Agilent/Wyatt system for SEC-MALS, SEC or protein purification.

6 Staff hourly includes instrument training, experiments design and troubleshooting, and in the case of staff to fully complete your experiments.

Online Scheduling

The instruments in the Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography laboratory represent a substantial investment and resource for the research community. These resources are made available to investigators on a first-come first-served basis.

Please contact for access to the online scheduler, Schedule Book.