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Agilent HPLC for SEC in tandem with a Wyatt MALS detector

The Agilent HPLC 1260 can be used independently for quantitative analysis of protein samples or qualitative purification and preparation of protein samples. Additionally when used in tandem with the Wyatt DAWN Heleos-II MALS detector and an Optilab T-rEX RI detector properties of the protein sample including molecular weight and oligimerization state.

The Agilent HPLC 1260 has a quaternary pump allowing for up to 4 mobile phases as well as gradients, the system has an auto-injector allowing numerous samples to be run sequentially without intervention. Also the system includes a UV-VIS detector, a fluorescent detector and a fraction collector.

The X-ray core laboratory has 2 HPLC columns available for use.

  1. A Sepax SRT-300 for SEC separation
  2. A Wyatt WTC-015S5 used exclusively for SEC-MALS experiments.

Additionally users are encouraged to use additional columns specific to their experimental design.