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Life at Yale

1st and 2nd year students and faculty member, Jonathan Weber, attend AAPA National Conference in Indianapolis, IN

The Yale Physician Associate Program offers fast-paced graduate-level training in an environment promoting and fostering cooperative intellectualism and professional conduct. We recognize the rigors of the physician assistant education model and of the intensive curriculum here at Yale, and our core PA faculty and staff are devoted to helping and encouraging our students to succeed. The following Student Life pages contain information useful to current and prospective students beyond the classroom, the lab, and the clinic.

Bake Sale Fundraiser for New Haven Community Organizations

In addition, the University provides a detailed guide to resources, services, and opportunities available at Yale and in New Haven. From health services to New Haven events, this website helps all Yale students navigate life at Yale and in the Elm City. Visit to explore the site.

Trivia Night Fundraiser for New Haven Community Organizations

The University also has a website Belonging at Yale, with information about resources, organizations, and events related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.