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Varian 11.74T

11.74 Tesla / 21 cm system

Magnetic field strength 11.74 Tesla (499.8 MHz for proton)
Manufacturer Magnex Scientific Ltd.
Magnetic bore size 210 mm
Cryostat dimensions (HxWxL) 2380/1720/1800 mm
Distance to isocenter 900 mm
Manufacturer Magnex Scientific Ltd.
Outer / inner diameter 205 / 90 mm
Maximum gradient strength 400 mT/m
Gradient rise time 150 us
RF amplifiers
1H/19F Amplifier
Manufacturer Communication Power Corporation
Model number 12T500P
Frequency range 460-510 MHz
Peak power 500 W
XN Amplifier
Manufacturer AMT
Model number 3304
Frequency range 30-310 MHz
Peak power 400 W
Gradient amplifiers
Manufacturer Techron 8607
Voltage / current 150 V/130 A
Shim amplifiers
Manufacturer Resonance Research Inc.
Voltage / current 15 V/4 A
Manufacturer Varian
Platform / software DirectDrive / VNMRJ 2.3A
Receiver Channels 4