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Facilities & Resources


The Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center is part of a $176 million dollar research and teaching facility at Yale University School of Medicine. The imaging facilities include 33,000 square feet of laboratory and imaging space. This includes dedicated spaces for electrophysiological (1 dedicated EEG room) and psychological testing (3 behavioral testing rooms), computing, and image and data analysis. The Center also holds a fully equipped electronics shop with 4 full time electronics engineers. The Center thus contains all of the resources necessary for integrated studies of human brain function. It houses our research magnets and personnel in one contiguous facility. An inventory of the current systems is given below. Note that all of these systems are 100% dedicated to research activity.

The MRRC human magnets include a Siemens 1.5T Sonata scanner, Siemens 3.0T Trio TIM scanner, Siemens 3.0T Prisma Fit scanner and a Bruker 4.0T human whole-body spectrometer. In addition, all of the magnets include non-invasive patient monitoring.
Three Bruker Animal systems (bore size 30cm or less) at 4.7T, 7T, and 11.74T for small animal MR imaging and spectroscopy. All of these magnets have the Bruker Avance console.
For a more detailed technical description of the high resolution systems, please visit the Magnet Specifications Page.
The Center has two MR compatible EEG systems for research use, including a Neuroscan SynAmps2 70 channel digital EEG amplifier and a Neuroscan Nu-Amps 40 channel digital EEG amplifier.
The Center has a variety of additional support resources available, including Biochemistry and Neurophysiology labs, a Molecular and Cellular MR Imaging Lab, an Electronic and Machine shop, and patient and animal care services.
The computing lab at MRRC is comprised of a heterogeneous computing environment that includes several workstations utilzing all three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Most of the imaging data analysis is carried out on 24 dedicated dual processor-high memory workstations running RedHat Linux.
The MRRC features 11,000 square feet of dedicated office space for the faculty, research staff and personnel including postdoctoral trainees, students and MRRC business office.