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Division of Bioimaging Sciences

Within the Department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, the Division of Bioimaging Sciences was established to focus on research and teaching in the area of bioimaging methodology. Ladder faculty based in the Division have specific areas of focus that concentrate on mathematical image analysis, imaging physics and the biophysics / biochemistry of the interaction of living tissue with imaging sensors.

Explorations in Research

The discipline of bioimaging is taking on new dimensions as scientists develop new sensors to explore biological structure and function, and visualize/analyze this information in three and four dimensions. Bioimaging research is fast becoming integrative in nature, both in terms of the type of sensor (e.g., NMR, x-ray, visible light for everything from microscopy to optical coherence tomography, ultrasound, etc.), scale (molecular to cellular to organ), and range of applications, from molecular crystallography to imaging the neuronal correlates of the mind.