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Additional Support Resources

  • Biochemistry Lab for biochemical and isotopic analyses of plasma and tissue samples
  • Neurophysiology Lab. The long-term goal of the Computational Neurophysiology Laboratory (CNL) is to understand seizure generation. The tools we employ towards this are the visual and quantitative analysis of the scalp and intracranial EEG.
  • The Molecular and Cellular MR Imaging Lab (MCIL), which encompasses 1600 square feet of space adjacent to the animal MRI systems. This space is dedicated to projects within the field of Molecular and Cellular Imaging. The MCIL has dedicated wet lab space for tissue/cell culture and immunohistochemistry, a dedicated animal surgical suite, and office space for fellows and students.
  • Electronics And Machine Shop (3 full time staff). Dedicated to the design and fabrication of MR hardware, RF coils, and associate electronics for the development of novel imaging methods and applications.
  • Patient waiting room, and preparation rooms adjacent to the scanner bays.
  • A two bed clinical suite Patient Recovery Room for out-patient style studies and subject monitoring located immediately adjacent to the human whole body magnets described above. The clinical suite is maintained in collaboration with the Hospital Research Unit of the Yale School of Medicine, and contains adult and pediatric crash-carts.
  • Surgical Suites for Animal Studies