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Behavioral Testing and Mock Scanner Rooms

MRRC has 3 behavioral testing rooms and a mock scanner room available for use to all users. Locations are:

1 - Behavioral testing room (TAC-NL05)
2 - Behavioral testing room (TAC-NL03A)
3 - Behavioral testing room (TAC-NL33A)
Mock Scanner Room (TAC-NL33)

All 3 behavioral testing rooms are available for use by researchers who wish to bring in their own laptops or other hardware for behavioral tests. No in-house computers are available in any of the testing rooms. Researchers who wish to use the in-house button boxes should contact our Research MR Development Technician, Cheryl Lacadie (, for further information.

Room Reservations

All 3 behavioral testing room and the mock scanner room can be reserved using the online booking system. Yahoo calendars have been created for booking time slots on each of these rooms. For reserving time in the behavioral testing rooms at the MRRC, visit

Please Note: Usernames and passwords for these calendars are not posted here for security reasons. Please contact Cheryl Lacadie ( to request this information for the room that you are interested in reserving.

Once you log in to the calendar, you will be on the schedule page. You can either add only specific dates, or, if you have regularly scheduled times each week/month, you can make the event "recurring" and it will come up each week/month.

General policies concerning the use of this calendar system:

  • Include your name, phone number and/or email address so people can find you in case of a conflict. If you do not include your contact information, your reservation is VOID.
  • Never delete other people's scheduled times without permission.
  • Keep the calendar current by deleting times you have decided not to use, so that someone else can reserve the room.