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Human Magnets


Patient monitoring within all of the magnets includes non-invasive measures of heart rate, blood pressure, pulse-oximetry and end tidal CO2 levels.

Siemens 3.0T Prisma Fit scanners

We have 3 Siemens 3.0T Prisma Fit scanners. This system is the latest state-of-the-art scanner available and has 80mT/m gradients, a 64-channel, 32-channel, and 20-channel head-coils, and simultaneous multislice capabilities for generating protocols consistent with the Human Connectome Protocol. This system is dedicated to research studies, primarily focused on the development of functional MRI and applications in development, neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and neurosurgery.

Bruker 4.0T Human Whole-Body Spectrometer

Dedicated to in vivo spectroscopy, the 4T system uses a new Bruker Avance console with two SGI Octane computers as hosts. The magnet is equipped with two actively shielded gradient sets, a 72cm id bore body set (Magnex Scientific) and a 38cm id head gradient insert (Bruker Instruments). The head gradient insert has a maximum strength of 45mT/m (X, Y, and Z directions) with a rise time of less than 150 msec for all three axes. It is equipped with all second order shims and a shielded Z2 and Z0 coil to allow rapid shim updating. There are four receivers, allowing phased array applications.

For a more detailed technical description of the Human Systems, please see

Magnet Specifications