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Tampi edits new textbook on geriatric psychiatry

April 04, 2018

Rajesh Tampi, MBBS, DFAPA, MS, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, has edited a new textbook on geriatric psychiatry titled, “Psychiatric Disorders Late in Life, A Comprehensive Review.”

The textbook, published by Springer International Publishing, contains contributions from experts in geriatric psychiatry. According to the publisher, it “provides a comprehensive yet concise review of the subject. The text covers topics that include the social aspect of aging, treatment and diagnosis options unique to the elderly in need of psychiatric care, policy and ethics, and particular geriatric health concerns that may influence psychiatric considerations.”

Tampi said hard copies of the book will be available at the American Psychiatric Association conference in May in New York.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on April 04, 2018