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Student Profile: Yicong Liu, M.P.H. ’22 (Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases)

April 13, 2022

Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases (EMD)

Why did you choose the Yale School of Public Health?

I chose YSPH based on my academic interests and career goals as well as for the school’s robust social environment. Professors here have strong research backgrounds, which will help me explore more in public health. My professors also provide me with various research opportunities, which are really interesting. In addition, YSPH holds many diverse after-class activities. I have appreciated these opportunities to meet new friends, find new hobbies, and enjoy my life here. Lastly, the faculty at the Yale School of Public Health help me with my future career plans. It is essential to work and study with a clear career goal.

What were you doing before enrolling at YSPH?

I graduated from Shandong University with a bachelor’s degree in medical science and started my internship at Qingdao Center of Diseases Control and Prevention.

What are your favorite aspects of the YSPH academic program?

Professors here have varied research interests. They not only study major health threats like HIV, TB, and malaria, but also parasites, tropical diseases, STIs, and so on. There are also seminars every day that introduce the latest studies in public health. Moreover, professors leading the academic program are patient and professional. They give me detailed guidance on my academic research and my career.

What was your most impactful experience outside of class?

I enjoy my experience in Dr. Albert Ko’s lab. I used to major in health administration, which is more related to policy study. In Dr. Ko’s lab, I’ve learned a lot about wet lab skills. I enjoy the feeling of holding experiments in my hand. It allows me to control each step, discover the results of each step, and then decide whether I should continue or stop the experiment. I also love the quiet environment found in wet labs, which helps me stay focused on my work. Based on my experience in Dr. Ko’s lab, I have found my future research interest, which is crucial for me.

Do you have a favorite Yale place or New Haven food?

I strongly recommend Bar pizza as New Haven food. They are usually busy on weekends. So, please order it in advance. It tastes so great!

What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in epidemiology or microbiology. I hope to use my data processing, statistical modeling, and epidemiology skills to address cutting-edge issues.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on December 03, 2021