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Morphologic Analysis

Morphological assays of blood/bone marrow smears or tissue sections are important in hematology. The Core will synergize with the existing Yale Research Pathology Core and the Comparative Medicine Mouse Research Pathology Core to provide YCCEH members with comprehensive morphological analysis services.

Yale Research Pathology and Histology Core currently provides services on both human and mouse tissues, including hematopoietic tissues. The services (with cost-recovery) include preparation of samples, such as making tissue sections, as well as phenotype analysis together with requesting investigators. The YCCEH Morphologic Analysis service will provide expert consultation as well as training on specific assays for preparing hematological samples. Specifically, the Core will assist in analysis of bone marrow smear, blood smears, spleen sections, and cytospins analysis of cells grown in culture. Training will be provided for making blood and bone marrow smears; and 2) performing Wright-Geimsa staining. Such training will occur once per month, or as determined by the number of requests for training.

Contact Diane Krause for more information on these services.